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GTA Doodles?


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Oh hey there, I usually just stick the the GTA:O section, but I feel good enough to share just a small thing I did just a bit of a while ago.


So, I drew, or rather doodled, my secondary Character in GTA: Online. Here are her pictures:







Yeah I decided i'd give my character's superhero looks. here's the little doodle.



Yeah I know i ain't much. Also, I noticed how people always post complete and epic art, but never just small things like this. I named this thread because I felt the need to ask you all... to post YOUR GTA related doodles below!


Small bonus thing: My main dude is also villain-fied:







And a small headshot of him and her:


I'll probably post a doodle, or even complete art, of him tomorrow.

I just wanted to share, and yeah.

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