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Clothes shading (help!)


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I like to draw these kinda junk, but the thing I never quite get is making folds, shading on the cloths, I have never understood that part in drawing, can anybody help me? Any tutorials on making folds on cloths and making shades on them, I'm desperate...

Let's take this drawing for example


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DA to the rescue!




I can generally find useful tutorials on DA, though you have to go through a few to find ones that are good/suit what you're doing or your drawing method.


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I suggest you to focus on training to make the correct proportion. Your drawing is manga, but you still need the 'correct' proportion, am I right?


When you basically figure out how to make the correct one, then you can start train how to shade.


However, if you insist to train how to shade, I suggest you to pick simple objects such as ball, tea cup, softdrink can, etc and train how to shade those objects.


Shading is a long training. You have to train yourself to know where the light(s) come from, the tone of the light, and the value of the light. Then you gotta calculate (with your mind) where the shadow drop point, the shadow density, and color. Remember, shadow isn't black. Shadow is darkened tone of an object.


Good luck.


P.S: I've been drawing since I was small and still training on shading. Currently I do more digital drawing.

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Better proportion that the one earlier.


Now pay attention to arms and legs - most importantly fingers.


P.S: If you want, you can train by drawing mannequin version of your character. Just ignore the face and clothes, focus on the proportions.

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