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GTAForums Gangs

Crews & Gangs | Directory

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GTAForums Gangs


So what is the Crews & Gangs section?
The Crews & Gangs area is for members that join or band together to form a gang, crew, group or social circle that has any kind of subject or theme (within reason!) such as multiplayer gaming, roleplay or simply social. It doesn't matter what kind of group you are, as long as you and your members share a common interest or purpose. Each group may host their own topic in which to chat, socialise, recruit and whatever else with their own members and other gangs. You can chat in gang topics even if you aren't a member, but they are allowed to ask you to leave if they wish.


GTAForums Rules still apply. If you're only here to advertise for members for your Social Club crew, please use the Recruitment forum instead.



How do I start up a group?
Simply create a topic; there is no specific format to follow. All we ask is that you display some background info about what the group is or stands for along with a list of your current members, even if it's just yourself and a friend to begin with. Remember that the group must be comprised of GTAF members, not just username 'ghosts' or banned members.


How do I join a group?
Firstly, check out the posts below listing currently established gangs and decide what you're looking for. If it's multiplayer, enquire within their topic about joining or post in the Free Agents topic to advertise yourself. If it's something more social, just mingle and join in with the conversation, and if they want you on their roster, they'll ask!


What are Certified Crews & Gangs?
Established groups that have kept themselves going through recruitment and dedication to staying active on the forums are sometimes awarded Certified status. This means they are recognised as an "official" group within the GTAForums community.

Certified Crews & Gangs receive the following:

  • Their own member group
  • Their own member group icon (pip)
  • Access to The Safehouse, a shared private lounge


How does my crew or gang become Certified?
Certified status can be achieved and awarded at any given time. If you think your crew or gang deserves Certified status, an application must be sent to the Certified Commission, who will discuss and decide on your request.

Any group can apply, but there is an undisclosed criteria that need to be satisfied before being considered, and it can include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  • A minimum number of active forum members
  • A minimum amount of time active on the forums
  • Amount of members not already in other groups
  • Behaviour and Warn Log history of founding and core group members
  • Winning a Staff vote
  • Winning a Community vote
  • Winning a category in the Annual Awards
  • Dedication to online gaming and GTA
  • Being featured by Rockstar Games


What is the Certified Commission?
A group of members comprised of staff members, group leaders and forum representatives who decide on the day-to-day running and the future of Certified Crews & Gangs as a forum entity. A list can be found below.

So what happened to the "Official Gang Alliance"?
Nothing. The OGA is just a colloquial term for the collective of veteran groups that were formed during the first generation of the gang scene in the early 2000s. Their legacy spans nearly a decade and a half, hence the name for them remains intact. Certfied Crews & Gangs is now the only recognised route for new groups to become "official" on GTAForums as described above.



If you have any questions, please contact the Certified Commission

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GTAForums Gangs



PipGangFoundedLeader(s)Gang TypePlatform(s)Social Club Crewdk5L5G7.gif$outh $ide Hoodz1st December 2001@Iminicus, @Pumpkin ZoneSocial[/td]hzvBB6J.gifAndolini Mafia Family19th June 2002@trip, @darthYENIK, @KirstySocial
KVsle1G.pngCyclop 922nd December 2008@Voodoo, @MoonshieldGamingXBCC99CAC4RVz.gifFacade Corporation15th May 2015, Social/GamingPS, XB, PCFCDEWkcB4Sx.gifFeroci10th September 2003@uNiSocialcS5wwzH.gifGTAForums Crew9th May 2012@Phatgordo13GamingPS, XB, PCGTAFlfm-pip.gifLeone Family Mafia22nd February 2002@Azazel, @GirishSocialPpDb8Dy.gifPaleto Bay Mayor's Office8th April 2015@psyminSocial/GamingPS, XB, PCPBMOyG5Rxrk.gifThe Connection14th July 2003@Otter, @Twang.SocialmStJONS.gifThe Daily Globe11th August 2016@Pavle, @RedDagger, @KalvinSocialPCEEELzjJvcai.gifThe Lost MC Liberty13th February 2010@ownedbyronin, @SourisGamingPCTLMCpAafese.gifThe Precinct16th September 2002@Voodoo, @MoonshieldSocialR0ACteY.gifThe Yakuza2nd February 2015Social/GamingPS, XB, PC
The Yardies9th March 2008@AndyGanteksSocial/GamingPS, PCYARDUhvqdHV.gifVan Society9th May 2014@Retired MafiaSocial/GamingPS, XB, PCVANSFTCxQnP.gifWestern Motorcycle Company Cruisers15th July 2014@billy-pilgrimSocial/GamingPS, XB, PCWMCCzpipvg0zp2.gifZaibatsu4th April 2005@CrokeySocial/GamingPS, XB, PCZBTS[/table]
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GTAForums Gangs



GangFoundedLeader(s)Gang TypePlatform(s)Social Club CrewAcademi PMC2nd April 2013@SingingEwe954GamingXBAPMCBullet Striders22nd August 2015@BroodReaverGamingPCKILLCounter Stike / Team Fortress Association16th October 2015@PavleGamingPC D1RTY1211th June 2008@Doc Rikowski, @lordjubblydaveGamingPSDDZNDomestic Battery30th January 2014@JustHatchedGamingPSXDBXGTAF All-Stars26th March 2015@Commander SSocial Hustle Bones25th October 2014@Hustle Bones.Social[/td][td]Joint Special Operations Team4th May 2015@xPr0d1gYxGamingXBJSOTMobilized Mercenary Division10th May 2012@Shady C, @enjoithepainGamingPSTMMDQueens of the Damned6th November 2013, @SirPhilMcKrakenSocial/GamingPS, XBPS, XBRoman Bellic Enterprises30th December 2014@Roman Bellic, , Social/GamingPS, XB, PCRBESThe Bianco Crime Famiglia9th January 2011@Mr White0161GamingXBTBCFThe Damned10th October 2010, @Commissioner MonkGamingPSDAMNThe Duping Crew5th June 2015@DevsNzLGamingPS The Highway Reapers MC29th October 2011@BloodyWarlord, @Sol-SerpentGamingPSREAPThe New World Order3rd June 2014@PuttherGamingPSTNWOThe Sharks23rd January 2015@CiaranSocial/GamingPSJAWSSoul Reapers MC10th September 2013@Soul Reapers MCGamingXBSRMCSRS Incorporated26th September 2008@Dr. LaBrat, @aFinnGamingPS, XBSRSIWarriors Of The Night29th June 2012@WOTN FearlessGamingXBWOTN[/table]
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GTAForums Gangs








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