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A glimpse into the execution of a rivalry Meth dealer...

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It was very early morning on a Sunday in Los Santos. I had completely forgotten that my iFruit had died, so I hopped in my pickup and plugged my iFruit into the charger via the port in my vehicle and stopped at a near by mart to grab an E-Cola, when suddenly I came to a quick halt. Having realized and remembered that my cellular device has ran out of battery power, I ended up purchasing a few Pisswassar's due to the frustration of my iFruit running out of battery, as well waiting in line at Burgershot for breakfast 45 minutes! So, anywho, after exiting the mart, I entered my vehicle, and my iFruit had just powered on. Now, I knew I had a lot of work to catch up on, for example Celtus and I have yet to meet up since the divorce, he doesn't even hunt much these days, and Jimmy been droppin' acid left and right while Simione finally comes out of the closet! Phew! So anyway, after having just gone through the last of my E-mails, I've noticed an associate of mine sent me an email regarding a liability with a rivalry Meth dealer. After retrieving the details of this individual regarding their location and where abouts via SMS (btw can't wait for 7.1 Jailbreak) on my iFruit, I arrived ready to execute and completely brutalize this Meth dealer (Larry Tupper) and any known members of the group in the near by vicinity. Needless to say, I was able to snap some images of my ruthless retaliation. There's an entire album dedicated to my journey of exterminating this rivalry featured below in the link.



Edited by HempOilCures

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Trevor doesn't have an Ifruit...

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Alex Wesker

Cool story bro. Inb4lock

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Oh u killed a dude, nice

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Ha gaaaaaaaaayy

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