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I need help with iFruit[sideloading]

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I need help sideloading the current iFruit[] app



Okay I have been running the same old iFruit app from the original How to thread ("http://gtaforums.com/topic/640667-how-to-install-ifruit-for-android-incompatible/") by "flyingcloud11", but those files no longer work. Now I have acquired the new files(download links BELOW) with the help of "lann3fors" but if I follow the same Instructions given by flyingcloud11's tutorial it does not work. I am at a loss and am need of HELP. No matter where I place the files or what I do once I launch the app a progress bar opens and never moves then this message pops up and says "Downloading application failed" followed by a message in status bar that states "Download failed because you may not have purchased this app". I am have a DOPO(Walmart POS) running 4.1 Android and of course this is an "Incompatible" Device.



Note: File "main.61.com.rockstargames.ifruit.obb" has changed to "main.75.com.rockstargames.ifruit.obb".


-apk file("iFruit[April 11, 2014"]18.1MB):"http://apkleecher.com/?id=com.rockstargames.ifruit"


-obb file("main.75.com.rockstargames.ifruit.obb" 229.33MB):"http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/448498/main.75.com.rockstargames.ifruit.obb"


So can someone HELP ME? PLEASE!

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Good Luck.


I just gave up

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