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The Greatest Ability in the World


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This thread is a glitch/story/wtf/advice/warning/hidden ability hybrid thread.


Joined a session today, same old same old, but I came into the session in the impound with an invisible car.


Here's me cruising the streets :s



Here's me chilling in the car



I could bother NPCs but they just yelled back no violence


Here's me agitating an NPC:






NPC drivers stopped in their tracks when faced by me and my invisible car.


Here's me freaking out an NPC:



It was during the above stand off I realised that, quite awesomely, I could drive straight through all NPC cars including the Fuzz.


Here's me hiding in an NPCs car:



I went to show off my ride to other players, and it was during this discovered something quite magical. I could drive through player cars, just like NPC cars, however this time, as I penetrated the players car it would be kinda sling shotted in the direction I'm going. At slow speeds it was just an annoying push, kinda like a fire hose pushing a person but it's me pushing a car.


I hit a players car at full speed, wondering if it'd do more, and it flung his car about 100 ft and insta-blew. Here's the shot I got of the aftermath, solely from driving through his car (in my Bifta)



Got bored of mucking around teasing so got out my ride.


Here's me performing my levitation trick:


Kinda looks like a jet pack with flames under my feet, but it's not it's just the levitation trick.


Here's a picture of my invisible car:



I blew it up to see what would happen:



It was then it was confirmed, my invisible car was in fact my Jurassickartus.


Unfortunately my car was back to normal afterwards. Without a doubt, it was one of my fave seshs. Now I know why modders mod oooooh it feels so naughty though I stress I have no idea how it happened


Anyone got some tips on how to repeat this ability?

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Same happened to me months ago, f*ck knows how but it looked awesome! :)

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Loved the pic of your head sticking out of the Asterope's bonnet. :^:

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Shake 'N Bake

You've had like 5 threads today that are random and pointless. please stop.


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You've had like 5 threads today that are random and pointless. please stop.

This friendly advice should be heeded.

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