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Obey Tailgater Sucess Story


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Let me say that this thing is nearly as mythological as the Hearse. But I got one! I finally got one! It took me about 3 1/2 real-life hours to find it. I tried every trick I could find online. Session jumping in public lobbies, session jumping in invite-only lobbies, leaving and exiting the golf game, driving around the block, trying all sorts of "trigger cars", driving to the golf course, beach, observatory.....nothing.


I must have tried about 50-something sessions, both public and private. I was screwed because I didn't have Simeon's list, and he never sends them to me but once every real-life day.


Then I found one forum that said the following:


"I'm like you my brother. I was trying to find a Tailgater for ages. The golf course parking lot is bullocks though. Try the parking lot by the tennis court on the beach. That's where I found mine."



So even though I had already done session-jumps there about 17-something times, I tried again. On the 3rd re-attempt, I hopped on a Vespa and scooted over there, and I about feinted! Finally! Finally f*cking found one! It always spawns in this exact parking place next to the lamppost.





But, during my search for this rare car.....I came across some other rare cars too! I couldn't save any of them because they were banned from garages or I just didn't want them.


Super Diamond:




Western Bagger (to be fair, this one was on Simeon's list he sent me, so that's why it popped up)




Same with this other bike:




Merryweather Dilettante




Lifeguard truck:








Rich-version of the Caddy (I see the trailer park ones all the time):




Obey 9F:





So if you want that Tailgater, have patience, and keep spawn-hopping at the beach! Just be in an invite only session, have spawn point set to last location, hit pause, and then keep entering and exiting the Rockstar store. It seems to spawn more in the early morning hours after sunrise, I never had it pop-up at night or in the afternoon.

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This, please use the appropriate provided threads.

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All that needs to be said, has been said. Please refer to the "Share your stories" thread.

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