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(CREW RECRUITMENT) MRKU> Murk You Quick Squad.


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Hello Fellow GTA Online Enthusiasts.


I Have created a fresh New Crew, need some people to join its a friendly Crew unless you wanna kill us :) it is called Murk You Quick Squad, AKA MRKU looking for some Emblem design tips also if they're any artists out there feel free to join share emblems. Would also like people to join who like to kill of course. No Racisim will be tolerated I welcome all Ethnicitys and walks of people to join. This is a PS3 Crew Only, My Online ID is CORRUPT_SHOTTA my :r*: Rockstar Social Club Id is CORRUPT_SHOTTA.



Thanks Again Your Friend,








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Please provide a link to your crew on the Social Club by editing it into your original post.

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