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Vice City convert Ped.txt to Ped.ifp

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I have 3ds max with Kams scripts and have dumped Vice City .ifp to .txt so I can edit. The only question I have is...how can I convert the .txt back to an .ifp file???

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I figured out my problem of why I Could not successfully replace individual animations in 3ds max. All tutorials I have read left out the smallest detail...shame on them. Ok so lets say you want a certain SA animation in VC (for example SA "WOMAN_walksexy" to replace VC "WOMAN_walksexy"). All the tuts I have read said to import VC .dff with IFP IO tool, then open the SA ped.ifp. Apply the desired SA animation to all bones and then open the VC ped.ifp, highlight the animation you want changed and click on Replace. This does not work to replace the animations! The little detail the tutorials left out is that you must import your .dff with the DFF IO tool! Then it works like a frickin' charm! I hope this helps anyone who may have been having the same problem. I doubt this topic was ever going to be replied to, that's why I am making this post, to be the good guy and help those in need. Mostly all "help requests" like this one go unreplied, I've seen it way too much to know it is true. This topic may be locked at this point.

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