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=AXIM 5 9 = specialists, low level CA/PST players welcome (PS3)


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==//AXIM 5 9 LMFA\\==


:rampage: WRKNG_AROUND_THE-CLOK :rampage:


////+=SOCIAL CLUB=+\\\\

AXIM 5 9 is a Division 1-5 Crew

A small, trusted, network of players- 18+ who know how to play the game and make a good time out of playing it together.


AXIM 5 9 Members work together, respectfully & efficiently, to complete jobs for in-game money or good fun.
Though any one of us could potentially complete a mission solo- AXIM is not a crew for the self-interested.


AXIM 5 9 LMFA will organize and compete in Crew vs. Crew TDM challenges.
The goal is to maintain a respectable win/loss ratio in order to establish rep and intimidate competitition.


At this time there is no interest within the 5 9 Crew to organize competitive racing.
Any crew member who assumes responsibility for organizing CvC race events will be promoted accordingly.

Free Roam
There are endless possibilities for organized & impromptu crew events.
-car/moto meets
-event weekend crew meet ups
-robbery sprees



However trite it may be to speculate- Heists will be performed as a crew in order to maximize payouts and RP.


.//*AXIM Ethos*//.
'''AXIM 5 9 LMFA''' carries no definitive meaning. The name symmetrical, bold and ambiguous.

AXIM aims to intimidate, surprise, and out-perform other crews.

As an AXIM crew member you are sacrificing a large number membership in exchange for a handful of proven and crew dedicated players.

You will be swiftly kicked from the crew for any turbulent behavior.

You may also be removed if you;

-under-perform or become a hinderance to the crew
-become MIA or Inactive

(to be determined on a case-by-case basis)


AXIM crew members own a Bati 801 or Bati RR variant to be used in crew meet ups.

No aesthetic/clothing requirements, however these are welcome to rep your crew..

-Crew Emblem
-full-faced helmets
-right forearm knife tattoo

-Joint Celebration: Back Slap

- color combinations involving red, white, black or yellow

-AXIM/LMFA/ ' 5 9 ' (or any combination) license plate


Add your current level in the message field otherwise your Friend Request will be ignored.
First crew event when AXIM reaches 3 members. Will be bumping this thread, hopefully with some interesting ideas.

peace. love. grind.
**everything in good fun

==\\=========================== 5 9 ===========================\\==

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