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Any other ways to get RP Fast?


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I have been playing online for ages, and I mean ages and I have gone up in 5 ranks past 2 weeks (I am level 94) and I just want to get to level 100. I have been growing bored of RR and I hope there is other ways to get RP fast.


Any suggestions?

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Black Rabbit

If you have to ask how to level up in this game, I'm not sure that anyone can help you. If you're only current method is to play RR and you seriously have no clue on how to level up otherwise, then, well, you're a lost cause. There are dozens of ways to get RP in this game.

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There are no RP glitches me ol fruit so your gonna have to do it the ol fashioned way.....


I'm sure you know what to do, its a grind fest but hey ho......

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You can try one of these missions where the enemy keep spawning , get a tank or buzzard and just keep taking them out.

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What's the rush? Just enjoy the game.


But if you must...look in the guides sub forum and you can see cash / RP payouts and probably find other useful RP methods too.

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