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Jobs based on other games


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Tired of playing GTA? Want to play another game? How about GTA?


The creator is pretty versatile and the setting of San Andreas is too. I'm enjoying what's coming out of Flukey's 'Jobs Based on Movies' thread.



Then after seeing this show up on my SC feed:

Donkey Kong


http://rsg.ms/TjgTXT (It's a PS3 Bike Race based on the classic arcade game), I started thinking of other games that could be rebooted in GTA Online.


I don't know if DK is any good but this guy's other jobs are fun. I look forward trying it.


Has anyone else done (thought of) something like that? If you have, please post links. It doesn't even have to be based on another 'video' game. I've started thinking of a weird version of capture based on Chutes and Ladders (Snakes & Ladders for those of you across the ocean) thanks to this. I'm also figuring out a way to make Crash Junctions since we haven't seen them in a Burnout game in nearly 10 years.



It turns out the maker of DonkeyKong (GTAO) made Mario Kart and Sonic jobs too:



That's Sonic the Hedgehog not Sonic the Revolting Fastfood Chain.

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I bookmarked a motorcycle race from a random Spanish guy couple of days ago that had stacked ramps to the top of Sthe Maze Bank. Then when you where on top he had somehow managed to stack containers so you had to slowly drop your bike, platform by platform, around a 360 of the skyscraper, to the streets below and carry on the race. It was horrible and took way too long but I loved it! Reminded me of an old platform game.


Edit: this is it - Maze Bank Especial http://rsg.ms/1mEqj9G


Its a pain in the arse but I guarantee you won't quit and you'll cheer each time you get to the next cp

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