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Welcome, To My Meet/Show Fourm


PresidentialToms Meet/Show

If You're Added To The List And Not Online At The Start Of The Meet, You May Lose Your Spot.


Next Event


Theme: Any Car/Bike In The Game.


How Do I Get In The Meet?

To Get Into Our Event That We Are Hosting... Simply Add This Xbox 360 Gamer-tag:

PresidentialTom Or xiI HitMan lix Send Me Us A Message Saying "Inv"



*No Killing

*Passive Mode At All Times

*No Squeakers

*15+ Only

*No Crashing

*No Yelling/Screaming

*Must Be In Game Chat

*No Over Taking In Cruise




Skype: PresidentialTom

Twitter: PresidentialTom

Instagram: RealTom_



How To Join "HPR"

In Order To join HPR You MUST Meet These Requirements. We Are Looking To Recruit Members Most Of The Time We Do Meets So Good Luck!


*English Speaking Only E.g. US/UK

*Host Meets With Us


Important Information!

When You Post Your Gamer-tag In This Forum You MAY NOT Be Added To The Lobby List So Its Always Better To Send Me A Message On The Xbox Live. A List Will Be Made Around Half An Hour Before The Event And Posted On This Forum. We Also Do Meets On Other Games Like Forza Horizon And A bit Of Drag Racing. Please NO Super Cars Unless The Is A Event with Them Or Told to Get Them Out. You Will Be Kicked From The Game If doing Anything Not Needed.


Banned List: No One Yet



Want To Be Security?

If You Want To Join Our Meets As Security Then Add Me You Will Find The Contact Addresses Up In The Form. Only Maximum Of 3 Security Per Meet Due To Taking Up Peoples Spaces. I Will Tell You What To Wear If Your Accepted Into Security Department. It Is Usually A Full Black Suit.


Big Thanks To Me For Creating/Hosting The Meets. Hope To See You In My Meets.

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