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Better car handling in 1.13?


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Not sure if it's just me but I've just brought a bedless Ratloader and it feels like it handles much better than before the update. I thought the same with the Pheonix I tried out yesterday too.


Anyone else think the handling has been tweaked/improved in the latest update?

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Feels the same to me.. and I own the phoenix, nothing seems to have changed

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Well the physics were changed for motorcycles. I dont think this effects car handling but you never know. The must be some reason the 4WDs are now 2WDs during the transition back.

But to answer your question, I notice no change

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Cars still feel the same like in a Saints row game, so its still the same.

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The JB700 feels pretty nice now. Could just be my imagination. I thought it was utter sh*te when I drove it last.

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