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Little More Space.


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Hiya There , Im new here so i wouldnt really now your rules on this forum , but i just wanted to say something...

Personally I think R* should do another DLC update in wich it adds another island o something , like North Yankon available for online playing , where you actually have to get there by flying a plane or going to an airport , wich would actually be pointless to sit in a plane for a while. I've seen past glitches where online player actually managed to spawn all the way over there , so why no make it accesible easier. Or just create another city close by. I know current map is HUGE , but i think we will eventually get bored of the same places.

Just another idea from another online player.

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No OP, nobody wants more space and other places to go or things to do. We're all so overwhelmed with everything that there is already and anything new would just frighten us

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GrandMaster Smith

I always felt like the land should've extended further up north past Paletto. Just thick forest that led up to snowy mountains or something.

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I was just thinking this today. Would love a far off island accessible only by air or sea. I wish they had extended the desert. I am going to quote a post on here before and say Los Santos feels like the Truman Show lol.

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