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OAF Marksman

OAF Defense Inc. RERUITMENT (X360)

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OAF Marksman

OAF Defense Inc.



CREW PAGE: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/oaf_defense_inc




Operator As f*ck Defense industries is seeking new recruits. Those who wish to join our ranks must meet the minimum requirements. Those who do not will be rejected.






Who: Operator As f*ck Defense Inc. This is a PMC (Private Military Contractor) Crew on GTA Online.


What: OAF Defense Inc. A group a professional, mature, and serious players on GTA Online. We operate similar to a U.S. Army infantry fire team or squad. We also employ unconventional tactics, such as suicide bombing, long range sniper attacks, guerilla warefare, and espionage.


Where: GTA Online. We operate across the entire map, but our specialty is in the mountainous regions of Blaine County, as well as the open desert.


When: Most crew members hold jobs in the real world, and are only online during the weekend.


Why: Our purpose is to maintain dominance in any GTA Online lobby we occupy, driving tank griefers and cheaters back home to their mommies. We are fiercly loyal to our own, and any hostility will be met with overwhelming force. We DO NOT use tanks unless absolutely neccesary. We are also pros at all of the missions and survivals. We operate as a tactical team and expect all new members to play well as a team member, and not an idividual. Our enemies are the MP3 and IGN crew, and will attack anyone with the words "swag", "yolo", "weed", "w33d", "dank", "420", or any other type of douchebaggery in their crew tags or gamer tags.




REQUIREMENTS: Crew members are required to have a mic. Communication is key to victory. Also, all crew members must be age 18 or older, and mature. Exceptions may be made for younger players who demonstrate mature behaviour.



No killing crew members unless they have a bounty and have asked to have it removed.


All crew members must adhere to uniform policy. They will wear some type of military clothing with body armor and headgear. Uniforms will be discussed during gameplay, as everyone changes their gear for the operating environment.


Crew members must have a MW Mesa, Granger, or other type of 4-passenger offroad or SUV type vehicle with fitting colors and tires. No rediculous paint jobs or rims.


Crew members will not have any pink or gold guns. Excessive use of the minigun and tank is prohibited.


Douchebaggery will not be accepted. If you have a chrome super car in your garage, don't bother requesting an invite.




Most crew members have a MW Mesa, Granger, Duneloader, or Patriot. These vehicles are highly encouraged for use inside the crew. Common paint jobs are black, matte black, matte desert tan or dark earth, olive drab, forrest green, ect.


GALLERY (see us in action)











(This thread will be updated by members of the OAF crew)



Wow, I spelled "recruitment" wrong in the title....

Edited by OAF Marksman

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"Douchebaggery will not be accepted"


Guess douchebaggery isn't accepted but hypocrisy is :)

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