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SOTW #82


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This is a good time as any to post a new contest...



Welcome to the weekly competition known as Signature Of The Week.

This is a friendly competition between designers to compete and overall win bragging rights as victor of best signature. Designers must make a signature based around the theme and after the entry deadline, a voting stage begins. Users can then vote for their top 3 signature entries. The winner will be announced and the next competition will begin the following week. So whether you're new, amateur or expert.. all walks are welcome, so join in!

This week's prize will be: Getting the feeling of victory :p


Ground Rules

Animations ARE allowed!!!

Must fit within the guidelines of this forum (500x150 or smaller)

Must be new work, can't reuse a signature from past competitions

Anyone is welcome to participate, just use your creativity!


SOTW #81's winner was: Kilen9999 with this bashing moose entry:


I enjoyed the price xD




This Week's Theme: Heavy Metal(the music genre that is)

Deadline for Entries: Friday, May 23rd

Edited by Kilen9999
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I don't know if KISS was a heavy metal band, but just so there's an entry this week.



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And just so there's competition, here's my entry for my favorite power/heavy metal band Dragonforce, made into a signature.


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