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[PS3] YaBT Crew Now Recruiting!


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Hi, I'm one of the Commissioners of my Crew, YaBT Crew. We've recently decided to open our Crew to the community and are looking for some people to join. We're on PS3 only and will allow anyone to join as long as you play legitimately and don't hack/mod or do game-breaking glitches (money/RP glitches, wallbreach exploits, etc.). We'd prefer people who have mics, but you don't need one to join.


We aren't a roleplay Crew, so if you're looking for that kind of thing you won't find it here. We aren't very serious when we play and like to mess around a lot and have fun*.


*This does NOT mean we like to just go around the map and kill everybody. That sh*t gets annoying. :p


SC Link:





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