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Hello, I would like some images for a new concept I am working on. The name of the game is Grand Theft Auto: Vicio Imperio. Here is what I need:


-Logo: I would like the logo to obviously be the regular GTA logo. And to have the "Vicio Imperio" be written in Baby Blue and in a font similar to the one from the Vice City Stories logo.


-Headers: Headers should follow the same color scheme and font as the logo.








*Local Media




-Mini-Map and HUD: It would also be great if someone could make me some images for a mini-map and HUD. I would like the mini map to be the standard GTA: V Mini-Map except with special abilities removed. The health in Pink and the Armor in Dark Blue. I would like the HUD to more in line with GTA: iV. And display Money (In USD) current weapon (Just any weapon will do) and the ammo readouts for that weapon. I would like the color scheme of this HUD to be dark green for the money, The weapon in White. The Ammo in the clip to be in Pink and the Ammo in reserve to be blue.


- It would also be nice to have a signature made. I would just like it to be similar to my BIB sig just with the obvious text and color changes.


I hope none of this is too hard and I thank you in advance.

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