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Budget of 6million what should I buy.......


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Ok I have 6 million to blow on the new high life update what should I get?????

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1) Dump

2) Titan

3) Airport Bus

4) Shamal

5) Dashound

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I had 6.1 mill, I bought all new cars, top house cost 500k, tank, vestra, 3/4 other cars, clothes, new gun, stunt plane, modded up new cars and I still had 100k left



I bought a tank to fight of griefers

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Ten car garage by the airport

Rapid gt if you wanna drift (be shure to slam it if you are gonna drift)

Massacro for racing

Sabre turbo


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Buy the buzzard so you can use it in missions. Seriously, it can help you complete missions like mixed up with coke a lot quicker.

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I spent about $500K because of this update. Too many people seem to just buy stuff because they can, when 1/2 of it is pointless or crap.


Just buy what you want and f*ck everyone else's opinion.

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I spent all of my 6 million and didn't even buy the new apartment yet lol plus spent an extra million by selling my Entity and Jester which are redundant now. That all went on cars and a tank. My best buys were. Zontorno, Huntley and Massacro (all three are omg awesome), love the Stinger GT I bought also. Both garages are now full. I already had a buzzard but a buzzard should be your first serious buy in the game. It's the most useful.

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Special Agent 25


  • FM Zentorno


FM Huntley


10 Car Garage at the airport (Greenwich Parkway)


OR one of the 10 Car Garages near the East los santos LSC


New Weapon (Bullpup Rifle)


Trade your current Apartment in (if you have one) for one of new ones or Richards Majestic or Weazel Plaza


Buy The Tank, Luxor, buzzard and Shamal.


Everything else that floats your boat. :^:


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