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Outstanding Bugs in the "non-beta" version of Creator


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Didn't see a thread on this so figure it'd be helpful to start one so people can know what's still outstanding. I've been working mostly in Capture Creature the past few days so most of the bugs will be from there:


-Attempting to move an actor, prop or vehicle swaps to a different object of the same type

-Putting actors in vehicles then removing them can make the wandering patrol option unselectable until you exit out of the map and reload it.

-In Raid, placing a team's capture item on an actor and placing that actor in a vehicle makes the capture items invisible to the team it belongs to.

-In Raid, Hold, or Contend, GPS coordinates back to base may not appear if the capture item is held by an actor in a vehicle.

-In Raid, Hold, or Contend, actors carrying capture items in vehicles are considered unarmed even if they have a weapon equipped

-In all modes, pedestrian actors in different sub categories will shoot at each other if any of them are set to hostile

-Aggressive setting has actors ignore patrol bounaries

-(Still to be completely confirmed) Actors cannot successfully pilot helicopters

-Actors with melee weapons and set to hostile will not attempt to attack a player in a vehicle. If a player exits the vehicle the actors can attack and if close enough will pull a player out of a vehicle if the player attempts to get back in

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also to add there's no option to turn off invincibility in cc tests

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in race creator changing the default vehicles changes the radio station


if you fill out the desc then the search tags it deletes the desc

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if you fill out the desc of a race first then search tags it deletes the desc

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I was looking for a workaround if anyone can help....


I'd like to make a zombie style mission, where the zombies are obviously unarmed (or knife for damage effect)... But it seems actors that are [Friendly] will not fire on : Unarmed, Bat, or Knife actors which are [Hostile].


Also, is there a way to cause opposing actors to fight without yourself being targeted by [Hostile] team first ?

By that, I mean if there are actors both friendly and hostile on the map.... they will ignore each other until a player gets close enough to be spoted by hostiles.... only then will friendlies attack hostiles....


Then, if you spawn or run too far from hostile actors, your friendly actors will ignore hostiles again...



TIA for any help...

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had a question,


is the option to turn off invincibilty been added to capture creator?


i received a reply to my email regarding it and one of the R* reps had said my problem was resolved but i haven't checked online and was wondering if they honestly fixed it where you were stuck being invincible in the capture creator test mode?

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