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How to sell garage after 1.13?


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I'd like to make some cash by selling my 10 car garage and buying a 6 car - before 1.13 when you could only buy one property you'd just go buy the property you'd want and it would tell you to sell your current one in favor of it and save X amount. I did this by selling my apartment and buying a garage.


But now i'd like to downgrade my garage and i'm not sure if its the same method now you can own two properties??




(Also, is Rooftop Rumble still the quickest glitch free way to bank RP? I used to love being in a session where some 75+ player would invite you to rumble after rumble, but now R* has made it harder is everyone preferring a different mission now over it?)

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Just buy the new one and you'll be offered the choice of selling your existing one or putting the new one in an empty property slot. Pick the existing property and it will do the usual sell/buy thing.

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