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Describe what you'd like in Grand Theft Auto VI (6).


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This is sort of on topic to this forum, but I have no idea of where the applicable place to put it would be (plus you could sort of consider it to be off topic). I was impressed with GTA VI, and while this game will be active for a couple of years, I'm curious on what people are looking for in Grand Theft Auto VI. Here would be my choice:


Location: Vice City again (there are other ones that would be applicable as well that are foreign).

Map size: Expand it from the original Vice City map which was approximately 10 square miles from what I've read (to perhaps bigger than the one in Grand Theft Auto V without making it empty).

Fun activities: How about the same ones in previous games with them being updated? They should also add surfing since it's Florida where surfing is huge. Also gambling (which was in San Andreas).

Property system: How about you gives us the option to customize one? At least we were able to purchase business in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character and plot: Make him an idiot who actually has to move up with things becoming depressing as they go (I honestly loved the Grand Theft Auto IV storyline as it had a good mix of seriousness/dark plot and comedy in it). I would to see a Grand Theft Auto game where we play as a guy whose quite dimwitted with it being serious (instead of a huge comedy that doesn't mock ones stupidity) at the same time.

Radio: Include a live radio online.

When this should take place: N/a


What would you like in the next Grand Theft Auto game?


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Homemade Dynamite

This belongs in the GTA Series Chat section.

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There is a GTA VI Wishlist in GTA Series Chat




Only thing on my wishlist btw is a PC version. Couldn't care less about anything else.

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