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Ability to now create a song/instrumental with new horns?


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I for one, have stock horns on all my cars; dont like the idea of putting such crazy horn sounds on them.


However, messing around with the do re la.....horn sounds in SP by quickly highlighting the different notes, i got to thinking, why dont a group of ppl get a car for each new horn from high life and make a youtube video of a created, correctly timed song?


I wasnt able to find anything on this so i assume it hasnt been done yet?

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I was thinking the same, It's awesome and I am sure someone will make a good video with it.

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I have one of the newer horns (before the ones added in today's update), and I created a new song with a fun sequence of button presses each with different timing. Randoms I meet get a kick out of it!

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