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Double RR payout


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RR is still pretty much the same but with one rare change.



I've done 20+ today and I've just had my first run where it did not go as expected. This time when we started attacking the pros, a FBI car came and helped them straight away and the courier did a runner so we had to chase him down. This took us an extra 2 minutes ish BUT here's the interesting part, I had a 37k payout (Exactly double the normal) whilst my teammates had the regular 18k ish.


I've narrowed it down to either 'lucky/random' OR it could be because of one of the following:

1. I was host (Least likely)

2. I had the most kills (I had 14 while the others had 0-4)

3. I took out both the ambushing FBI cars




Apart from these factors me and my teammates did the exact same action. So what do you guys think? 3. seems most plausible to me.

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General Scrotum

Usually happens when you complete it for the first time after reaching level 75.


It's the same with all other missions you complete for the first time after reaching the minimum level required to play it.

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Tabula Rasa

That should be the multiplier applying to the first time payment.

Its quite a lump some for most missions.

As far as the patch notes go no changes have been made and it should be the same as usual, occasional play history reset here and there resulting in these large first time payments.

I tend to get this bug around patches or just randomly, its a nice surprise to say the least.

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