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Do NOT join forced pick-up deathmatches!


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I just lost all of my DLC guns including the Gusenberg Sweeper, I can't buy it back either. Just a heads up.

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Joins DM.


'Forced + Pickups'


i cri evrytiem


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Had the same thing happen here.

Once I lost all my guns except for those in the DM I still had, but that was a long time ago so it didn't matter much.

Now it would cost a metric f*ck ton.

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To clarify, guns that were originally in the game you keep, but the weapons from Valentines Day Massacre, High Life, Business Update, Beach Bum Update and Special Edition are removed from your inventory.

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Hopefully that's resolved promptly then because playing those types of Dms are a HUGE breath of fresh air.

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