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List your hopes for next DLC


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my list.... tell me if you agree

inb4 heists


1. more suspension options for cars... lower cars

2. more tattoos, hairstyles, and clothing (preferably more shorts that arent thigh level)

3. stronger rifles (maybe a hunting rifle)

4. animals in game

5. updated music. i know this is tough because of licensing but hopefully artists will wise up and let R* use some of their tunes

6. a better recognition system for when players blow up my vehicle vs me blowing it up..

7. more street-style cars.. less supercars..



this is all i can really think of off the top of my head.. no major gripes with this DLC, but i just want something different...


we all want heists so try to keep that out of your list.. its coming soon.



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We have a wishlist thread for that.

– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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