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Help me complete my "Grotti"/ Ferrari Collection


Grotti vehicle choice  

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  1. 1. Which one to go for out of the Stingers? (I've driven all of them)

    • Stinger GT
    • Stinger Hard - Top
    • Stinger Soft - Top (convertible that doesn't convert)

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Hi guys and gals, hope all are well. Short and sweet, what do I buy - Stinger GT, Stinger Convertible or Stinger Hard-Top?


Full version:-

Need some advice and I've setup a poll for this. Basically since I started driving the Grotti cars when the game came out, with the later addition of the Turismo in the Business Update, it has been my intention to purchase all of the Grotti cars in GTA Online.

Because I've been collecting rarer vehicles (damn you High Life making the Sentinel Convertible purchasable) I didn't have the space for the complete collection, only having the Cheetah remaining.

With the two 10-car garages I now have the space, and have purchased the Carbonizzare (in red), the Turismo R (in black), with my Cheetah being in yellow.
So obviously it's just the Stinger that remains.

Although after some testing, the Stinger GT is a slightly faster car and has slightly varying looks to the standard Stinger, I was wondering what I should purchase; with your help this decision should be easier.

Stinger Hardtop
Stinger Convertible (fixed convertible), or
Stinger GT?

Note, with the HL update it is now possible to specify which car you want - the same with the Banshee and Coquette for example (soft tops or hard).


Here's my other garage, just in case these help you make my decision easier:-

Imponte Phoenix
Truffade Z-Type
Ubermacht Sentinel Cabrio
Truffade Adder
Western Bagger
Albany Roosevelt
Pegassi Monroe
Obey Tailgater
Dinka Jester, and
Pegassi Zentoro

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This thread wasn't really necessary.

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Grow up and decide for yourself.


Grow up and actually contribute something meaningful to the forum for a change.


On topic: Stinger soft top is the best Stinger version available. Has that good Ferris Bueller vibe. If you are collecting Grottis though, you'll be needing a Stinger and a Stinger GT.


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If all three isn't an option, the Stinger GT is the sexiest with the ass.

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Grow up and decide for yourself.

What a pathetic, useless and non-contributory post. Thank you. I don't need to grow up, the number of complaints I make I'm told by many people I'm "an old man in my 60's" and I can guarantee you I'm older than the majority of players who are playing this game.




"b. A public meeting place for open discussion.

c. A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website."


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This thread wasn't really necessary.

Your post wasn't really necessary.


Get whatever that suits you best op.Take the regular Stinger if you prefer a cleaner look and the Stinger GT for more racing feel.It's still up to you.

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Lol so much negativity over a dude asking for peoples opinions on what car to get. Pretty ridicules

Anyway. the Stinger convertible is my favourite

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Stinger GT>Stinger convertible>>>>Stinger Hardtop.


I got both the GT and regular one though.

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Thanks for your help guys.

I think I'll let the thread/ poll run, but since I really can't decide, what I have decided is to buy both the Stinger Soft Top and the Stinger GT.

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