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GDT's Mission Index.

KD himan

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So First of All, I'd like to tell everyone that this is my 700th Post in GTAForums and i am feeling very good for it.


So Hello everyone. As the topic says, this is my DYOM Mission Index / Collection. I would like to call myself GDT. here you can Find my every Missions, Mission Packs and Storylines easily. There are many few Missions and most of them are incomplete because really i didn't get my time for them, but soon they will be completed. So Let's began.




Montgomery Assault


El Castillo Strike


Mountain Gliding


Road To Justice - The Bad Cop


Road To Justice - Manjestic Backstabbers


Mission of The Week 16 - We Want Justice


Mission of The Week 18 - Crime Scene Investigation : An unknown Mystery


Mission of The Week Season 2 Participation 1 - An Assault for What we deserve





The Serial Killer - Completed


The Thunder Hawks




The Tale of Forelli - Episodes From Vice City


As you can see, this topic is still Empty but i'll try my best to fill this up with Bunch of Storylines and MP's one day. Thanks for watching this topic and Have a Nice day.

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Huzaifa khan

Awesome..... Dhiman.... Awesome..... I enjoy your every single mission bro :):santa:

Edited by Huzaifa khan
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Huzaifa khan

Hey KD why you can't complete your [MP] Thunder Hawks? its first mission is great i think you complete this [MP] :)

Edited by Huzaifa khan
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