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Las Colinas


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It still bugs me but what neighborhood do you guys think Las Colinas was supposed to be? I remember passing through Eagle Rock and seeing a glimpse of something resembling Las Colinas, but I doubt it's Eagle Rock. What do you guys think?

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lil weasel

Las Colinas is based off the Los Feliz district in Los Angeles. The district is depicted as a middle-class neighborhood with a serious gang problem. There are many drug dealers and Los Santos Vagos members and the district was hit hard by the Los Santos Riots, yet homes are somewhat spacious and nice, possibly indicating that the residents got rich by being drug dealers. Las Colinas translates as "the Hills" in Spanish, which is evident that it is a hilly district.

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It doesn't look that much like Los Feliz to me, I used to be there on a regular basis, maybe it got substantially nicer since the early 90s but still, and it's a strange choice.

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