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Rise Above Syndicate Recruitment Open! (Rank 50+)


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[XBOX 360]


Hello and welcome to our recruitment thread, we're currently looking for members that are willing to be disciplined and loyal. First, I would like to explain what our crew stands for. We're acknowledged or known as a competitive crew which means that our end goal is to utterly defeat our rivals.


Were constantly active and online almost every day willing to annihilate our enemies within our path. In simplistic terms, we are in servers either training our 'Death Troopers' (Also Known as our Paratrooper Division.) or were fighting against other crews in free roam sessions.


If you are interested in a highly active crew and you're willing to fight against our rivals, we can hook you up with the finest militarized syndicate you have ever been with.


"Are you ready to 'Rise Above' your expectations? We are, and we're locked and loaded."


(Exceptions to lower ranks than 50 if you are partially skilled, we're looking for the best of the best.)


Contact us immediately if you are interested in joining! Gamer tags listed below, please send them regarding your reason of qualification.








Crew link! http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rise_above_syndicate



EST and Central Time Zone USA.

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