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Bringing the AP Pistol to life (My GTA inspired prop(s)/craft(s)


AP Pistal tint, IDK!  

12 members have voted

  1. 1. What tint should I paint the gun?

    • Boring black
    • Gold
    • Pink
    • Platinum
    • LSPD
    • Orange
    • Camo tan
    • Camo green

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So hi. I guess this will be the right place to post this. If not sorry.

I just wanted to make a thread showing off my newest art project. A RL "AP Pistol".


Yup, You read it right I am bringing everyone's fav pistol to life seeing as it has no real world counterpart. (It is not a Glock 18, 93R or KARD. Plz No one try to say otherwise because it's not based on those and this thread is not for arguing.)

The one I am working on is just a visual 3D real world prop. It does not chamber or fire any type of ammunition.( I don't have a license to manufacture firearms, so making it so would be illegal) As it stands now, the only moving parts are the magazine and the ability to take down the back section of the slide to remove the barrel. The gun is made of woof, metal, cardboard, paper mache and a resin to help seal everything. As it stands now I am also about a week from it being ready to paint .


This pic is from a few days ago. Looking a little rough around the edges..


And here is one I just took today along with an RPG and a Cherry blossom ACR I've made to give an idea of what I can do and what the finished project will look like. (and show off a bit). lol :B


I don't just do guns either. Here's a few things relating to other games.

(Silent Hill) Pyramid Head that I have in the corner of my bedroom. http://i62.tinypic.com/141r2b9.png

(BO2 Zombies) Skull and knife plaque on my wall http://i57.tinypic.com/21mf1om.png


Show offs aside, I would like to ask the community to choose my weapon tint. Be it regular gun metal/black, Pink, Gold, Platinum, LSPD, Orange, or camo. I'm swaying more to either gold or pink tbh, tho. But I am open to ideas so I'll put up a poll.


I'll up date this thread every other day with progress if ppl seem interested and I'll make a vid for it when I'm done. Hope you guys in this section aren't too critical. I would also love to see any crafts relating to GTA(or any other game) you guys have made.

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Some excellent craftsmanship right there.


I'd go for traditional black, but I suppose gold would stand out more amongst your other creations.

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Almost done. Just gotta do the extended mag, bottom rail and light.

But I got to painting it last night and I just got finished putting everything else together and this is what it looks like atm. Pretty much a complete gun, but missing the final touches.


BTW Went with black because it had the most votes. It actually looks pretty menacing, tho.

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  • 4 years later...

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