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Changing Crew Colour Effects on Paintjobs


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If I change my crew colour, will all my cars that have a crew coloured paintjob change to the new colour? So basically, if I have a few cars that are currently crew green, if I change the crew colour to red, will all those cars become red?


I want to see how chromed red works on one of my cars, so I'm planning on temporarily changing my crew's colour from green to red. After buying the paintjob I will be changing the crew colour back to green. I don't want the car to then become chromed green, the thought of it makes me sick. :lol: Will it stay chromed red? My character isn't exactly rich. :lol: I'd like to be sure before wasting money unnecessarily.

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if you change your crew colour to red. pretty sure the green car will still be green, even if its crew green

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