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GTA San Andreas Wierd Texture issue


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I originally posted a topic about a GTA: San Andreas issue of a modded game,

and am pretty sure im in the wrong section, and i am sorry...if a moderator or someone can tell me which

forum the original post belongs to....







or 2...



or wherever it belongs.....


Thank you, sorry and go ahead and lock, delete, or whatever needs to be done to this pst.








============================ORIGINAL POST:=======================

If I am not in the right section, I appologize because the forum interface got me kinda confused...and would like to get the link to where i SHOULD post this topic.


Hi There, I have been having a new texture problem with my GTA:San Andreas ((PC of course))

i've become decently experienced at modding and recently ran into a texture issue of which i have never seen before.

I know theres a "streamfix" and i use it, along side other mods with CLEO 4, but the CLEO mods are not the issue because I changed my gta3.img with the original one installed and the problem goes away. So I managed to eliminate what the problem IS...nd it's something in my gta3.img file.

I WOULD simply re-install and re-mod everything, but I have done a decent amount of re-texturing ((sidewalks, billboards, signs, etc)) for me to start all over...I REALLY don't want to redo it all nor do i have the time to do it with work and all.

So my question is has anyone had this problem before?


Does anyone know the solution to it?

(((other than re-installing and re-modding))


This is the "line" thing im talking about




and billboards...


((Not sure if i did the picture thing right, lol im a newb at this kind of posting [:p] .... Anyhow.....))

I'm not sure what causes this but would VERY much like some input on it if one knows.

All textures are like this, up close...textures are clear and normal, but the more distance i get from the object, the more "lines" their are..which makes me think it's a 'LOD' issue...i dunno

and it changes as i pan my camera around....it's wierd....

So yea, I'll love to have some more knowledge on this...Thanks for your time

Special Notes: It's not a CLEO mod issue as i have swapped the gta3.img's and it was fixed

Computer Specs:

OS: Windows 8.1

CPU: AMD A4-5000 APU Radeon 1.50GHz (( 64 bit ))


Video Memory: 3GB ((unsure of name))

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lil weasel

http://gtaforums.com/topic/698139-where-did-my-topic-go-rhetorically-speaking Where did my Topic Go?


The San Andreas Forum is for UN-modded game questions, and problems.

In Your haste to post You must have missed the Bottom Main Menu choice for MODDING. And obviously the Sidebar lettering: Modding Questions

Please post modding questions in the modding forums! http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showforum=89

:^: That is where You can find Players who ARE dedicated Modders, they are more likely to give You some assistance! :)

Be careful to post in the correct forum topic, as they can get persnickety about that.

Forum Posting and guide

Modding Requests

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