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Anarchist Elite


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ANRK is a new crew and looking for PSN recruits.


We are a crew that enjoys:

  • Off road trail riding
  • Racing
  • Free roam cruising chasing stars. 5 of them to be honest.
  • We expect we will be doing a lot of Heist once released.

The kind of members we are looking for:

  • Preferably adults although mature older teens are welcome.
  • Players that are respectful to others during jobs.
  • Players that do NOT attack other players once a job is finished to try to get some of their money.
  • Players that are respectful racers (trust me, we know accidents happen).

What we require of our crew members:

  • Members MUST stick up for other crew members even if ANRK is not your active crew.
  • Members MUST NOT kill other members unless previously agreed upon or in jobs that require it.
  • Members MUST respect other members.
  • Members MUST NOT be assholes. However, retaliating against an asshole is strongly encouraged.
  • Members MUST have RSC accounts.
  • Members MUST add the leader and commissioner as friends.

What we don't require of our members:

  • We understand adults must work to pay the bills, so we don't expect you to be majorly active.
  • We don't require members to make ANRK their active crew, but it would be appreciated.
  • We don't require members to attend events.
  • We don't require members to put GTA above their real life.
  • We don't require members to have mics, although it is preferred.

The leader and second in command both have families, house payments, and jobs. We understand life comes first, even if it means we don't see you for a couple of weeks. We won't kick you for being inactive for short periods of time (up to two months). We are just here to enjoy the game and hopefully make some new friends along the way.


Leader - cwickings (RSC - chipw) - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/chip131


Commissioner - rhaynes89 - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/rhaynes89


Anarchist Elite page - http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/anarchist_elite



Thanks for the looking.

Edited by cwickings
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