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Map of San Andreas HELP!


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I'm looking to creating my own map of GTA V by taking the existing one and basically editing in Photoshop or Illustrator or something like that so that I can go through naming the streets and adding my own custom locations. (Mainly for heist planning)


I know there are a few sites up that do this but im wanting to figure out how they made them from the screenshot files or however so that i can use for personal non monetary reasons.


any help is greatly appreciated!!!!

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You can do it by editing either the Road map or the Atlas Map. The ones that are 8192x8192 You can find from google. I think Atlas Map is nicer. and better detailed than the Road map.

The texts are very small in both and can be painted over with the colors of the map.

This won´t take long, I thought about it when I made a render for the turf map requests, but because they are so tiny I did not bother.


I thought of a second possible method. To download square map blocks from an scalable interactive map, and stitch the blocks.

But it´s a no-go at least with IGN map and the GTA google Map. Both have same texts embedded which You have on the original atlas and road maps.


I doubt very much a full-blown vector version exists, with which You could simply select existing street texts and change it.

Your best bet is to do as I suggested, clean the few location texts and You have a clean map.

Type over any street texts You need.


You can still get all the map icons easily from the interactive maps, if You want to use them.

In FIrefox, right-click and select ´view page info´. All the graphics are under the media tab.


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Hey thanks a bunch for the advice! Greatly Appreciated!

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