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GIF signature request

Sean O'God

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Sean O'God

I just have a quick request for a GIF I want for my signature.


The scene is from a Youtube video and it involves a Nissan GTR backfiring on a dyno. I want this as my signature. I tried making GIFs from Youtube videos and it worked a few times, but they all turned out either blurry, too big (in MB) for an avatar pic, or too big for a signature (greater than 150x500 limit). If someone could help me, that would be awesome.


Here's the video: (turn down volume, annoying music inbound!)



The scene starts at 1:14 and ends at 1:17. It involves the black Nissan GTR backfiring on the dyno. It would be preferable to let there be a bit of time showing the GTR before AND after the flames shoot out of the exhaust pipe (showing the entirety of the backfire plus a few milliseconds before and after backfire). There is a brief scene of one of the rims on the car during 1:14, and I do not want that in the gif. Also, please don't let this scene overlap with the scene with the red GTR, as it cuts to it at the end of 1:17. If this could be made possible without a watermark, that would be nice but it isn't mandatory.


Anyways, thanks for reading and the help. As I said, I did try this on my own and I couldn't really get it to work 100% the way I wanted it to.

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Sean O'God


Damn, you were quick. That's perfect, as well. Seriously, thanks a lot, that's freaking awesome. I tried to do this at least 4 times, but clearly you're 500x better than me at this. Really, I appreciate it. :lol:

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