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Saints Row: Old vs New

How do/did you like the Saints Row series?  

60 members have voted

  1. 1. How do/did you like the Saints Row series?

    • Old (Saints Row, Saints Row 2)
    • New (Saints Row The Third, Saints Row IV)
    • Both, I like the old games but I also like the new direction.

Recommended Posts

Rock Howard

I liked the series better when the games were more like GTA, but I found the departure from GTA and the series going in its own direction refreshing, as well.

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I agree fully (apart from using the 'GTA Clone' term, I f*cking hate that term with a passion), when I first played Saints Row The Third, I was extremely delusional with that game but after finishing it twice, I realised the truth (IMO), Saints Row 2 is better.

I agree that the map was the worst thing to happen to the game, I don't know how they could f*ck up so bad after the excellent map that Saints Row 2 had, Steelport was smaller with less almost no interiors, no location diversity and no life, Saints Row 2 had the best interiors out of any open world game IMO and it may have not been that graphically impressive but it was still rich with life.

The mechanics were improved and the dive button was excellent, but everything else was dumbed down, what happened to driving into a gas station and getting blown sky high? now nothing happens when driving into a gas station, you could't even spray water from the firetruck.

And the lack of a day/night cycle was just mind-boggling.

The only thing your wrong about is insurance fraud, that was in the game.


Making this thread made me feeling like playing Saints Row 2 again, but as fun as the game is, it is equally depressing thinking about how the great has fallen, after relising the disappointments of The Third, I thought that Volition would have fixed the issues due to fan demand (like GTA was doing at the time, this is before the release of V) but instead we got the same map and superpowers.




I can't believe no reviewers ever called SR4 for having that awful city. Most people agree that the environment is pretty awful for an open world game. Honestly Steelport is the worst environment I've ever played this console generation. I hoping they will either have the environment the same level or better than SR2, if not I hope reviewers call them out on it this time.....

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Old Saints Row was actually really good and a worthy competitor to GTA. Current Saints Row is just garbage though and not even worthy of discussion. Fantasy in games is a good thing unless it gets completely out of hand and confusing like it is in the current SR.

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I loved Saints Row 2 and liked 3. I would prefer going back to the Saints Row 2 days.

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Lock n' Stock

Saints Row 2 was just as good as any GTA game imo. 3 and 4 had their moments, but felt like they were trying too hard. Story and gameplay-wise, they felt vastly inferior to Saints Row 2 .

Edited by xXGst0395Xx

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Saints Row 2 ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! Easily one of the best games that I ever played.


SR3 and 4 were garbage to me as volition wrecked the series with those two disappointing outings.


Let's hope that Volition goes back to their roots and does a big SR2 remake on PC/PS4. Man just think of the possibilities!

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All I played was the first Saints Row. I like how you had to find a specific car, at a certain part of the map, at a certain time of day. That was different and fun.

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