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The thing we need the most, most than anything.


Should R* add Car Transporters into GTAO?  

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  1. 1. Do you want these in game?

    • Hell Yes, you are amazing for reminding me of them!
    • Yuh huh, I guess.
    • Meh, not bothered either way..
    • No.
    • How about.... (add your own suggestion)

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Car Transporters.


Movable jump ramp OMGFML!


I miss the good old days of Vice City and Michael Jackson and Bike and roofs. WIth moveable ramps, used to be such good fun.


Who's with me!? Let's get these back!

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Biohazard Abyss

We most certainly don't need this more than anything.

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Looks like you need to look in the Wishlist thread "most" than anything.

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Shake 'N Bake

Would be cool to have pickup trucks that have boards on trailers that go at an angle so you can jump them. Wont happen though. Please use the wishlest thread for more ideas.


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Post does not live up to title. These were sick though, I wish we could control the ramps on the already in game car transporter.

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Patching the freezing.


Vehicle Performance Balance.


Extending Creator Prop Limit.


Option to disable Reveal Players in DM's and Captures.


Job payout adjustment. (Bigger Jobs like Los Santos Connection paying more)


That is what we currently need the most.

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Alright, he posted another wishlist thread, give OP a break guys... :/

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Captain Mannering

I looked at the title and thought, "definitely not HIV". I'm glad I was right.


Car transporters are already available but rare.

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