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MSWS Recruitment Adult Serious Players Only


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MSW Street Stompers are opening recruitment for the first time. If your wondering what MSW is its Is Movie Star Way the street the $300,000 Apartment is on. That's Our crew location. Specifically We are looking for some new pilots and snipers so if your interested in the position please contact Xbox Live Gamertag: xGinxRumix For your test run for the position.

About us we play often and stay sharp on skills and finances money is never an issue for us and we practice in different battle grounds. When we build this crew of quality and not quantity. Tanks are a no go unless attacked with one then all bets are off and full throttle is initiated. If anyone in our crew is f*cked with we all come to help. Also upon entry you are also added to our facebook messenger. More details will be provide upon xbox live.




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