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That means, converted dff can't be imported to game files directly.



I see, is there any way to make outputted DFF's work though, or is it so much WIP that it's not functional/useful in any way at all (yet) ?

Like import them and do something with it?


EDIT: alright this is WIP, well -was- WIP in 2015, and today it's still 100% non-functional.. alright if you can still call it WIP then. You never achieved what you wanted with this tool or?

People are browsing Tools section expecting something is actually a working tool, also beta versions.

Edited by Gmer
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It can convert RAGE formats to RenderWare formats, so it's fully functional.

Also, yes, it's still WIP.

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  • 1 month later...

It can convert RAGE formats to RenderWare formats, so it's fully functional.

Also, yes, it's still WIP.


So it results in a .dff and .txd, but unusable one (dff) ingame, due to the bugs i described on page 5. Can you please explain if it's possible to achieve a working model after converting it, and would you be able to provide steps or a guide for that?

You will only get a totally grey-white model after converting using the instructions. I know you need be modeller to know how to ''FINISH'' the conversion, but please can you tell me how.


I mean some kind of after-processing. Knowing how to successfully convert model and make it usable after the fact would be great.

For now, the ''WIP'' means to me as i understand: you cannot use the freshly converted model unless you know how to fix what the converter tool fails to convert or does break/corrupt.

I would need to know what the tool fails to do in order to make it working model, in order to do whats needed to use the result. And im asking you for details..

Edited by Gmer
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  • 4 months later...



I downloaded the wtf to dff tool, when i try to make the wtf file to a dff file he says this:

Model C:\Users\MyWindows\Desktop\2016 Tesla Model S P90D v1.1 - GTA 4\rename_me_to_a_car_slot.wft

ERROR: There was not enough room in the output buffer


Can anyone help ?

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  • 1 month later...

help, please . when i started to tun the converter . It tell me that it can't start because MSVCP140.DLL IS MISSING 

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  • 7 months later...
  • 1 month later...

converting red dead redemption 2 texture dictionaries to txd if it works but the txd is empty. They are ytd yft ydd files like in gta v, only updated in their extension I suppose... can you support this? so that rdr2 models can be converted?

Edited by Cap'n_Cook
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