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That "Countryside" feeling

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Serious question.


Although it hasn't been done to any GTA game so far. Can Rockstar increase our current map with a DLC? Add a chunk of new land somewhere.


It's a huge long shot, but I'd like to ask anyone here who might have game programming and development experience.


I marked out some areas which could be used. I used the east coast because there's nothing on the edge of the map but empty hills or beaches which could be replaced by merging more landmass and adding dirt roads going through them there. The underwater sections would only be moved to the new edge. The west coast has a highway so having that big ocean view counts towards it.



How I wished the 5 map was.




The extra northern city is supposed to be Sacramento.


BTW, it's unfinished.

Youre dreaming. Current gen could never support anything that big. I dont even think next gen would unless you didnt want any detail at all. Talk about lots of room that would be so bland and boring

That would be awesome!! And, if they can't do it, that's because the studio can't not because the technology can't.

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That would be awesome!! And, if they can't do it, that's because the studio can't not because the technology can't.


You are right. The technology is easily capable of this. At least the current gen is.


Last generation I am not sure; but It should be possible with a bit of tweaking tho.






GTA Online and GTA V doens't feature the countryside which you seek. Not even the biome.


I think you mean this:









The closest we get to this is this:









I think that with a map dlc this will be achieved however. What I mean is that I think Northern San Andreas will feature more of this: (pics from RDR)












First of all; the forest is way more dense than we currently see in Paleto. Also the biome is all different.


Grapeseed, Paleto and Sandy Shores are all fine towns (IMO Paleto the best one) but the biome is all different. there can't grow big forests there; it's way to dry.


For bigger forests, great plains and snow, you will need to go to Northern San Andreas (there the weather is less dry).



Southern San Andreas can never give you the feeling of GTA San Andreas because GTA SA features 3 biomes in stead of 1 in GTA V.


GTA V features a desert; but it is not the desert type of GTA SA (Las Venturas and it's surrounding country side). Those were canyons.


The forests in GTA V are also way different than in GTA SA, because it is, as stated earlier this post, another biome.



This said. For big changes we need to see Northern San Andreas (San Fierro) or Eastern San Andreas (Las Venturas).

They are both named in GTA IV, EFLC and V that they exist in the state of San Andreas.


My guess is that we will see them as (expensive) map DLC in the future. Or as an add on/ stand alone (like EFLC). I.E.: GTA V: Las Venturas or GTA V: San Fierro.


My guess is that an add on is more likely because R* can ask a higher price for this.


Hope you liked my post and understand what I meant and thought :).

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These are the stuff I think they should have done to make the countryside better:

-less mountains

-some canyons

-more towns(something like Palomino Creek and Fort Carson from GTA SA)

-a town on Route 68(maybe making Harmony into a real town instead of just a trailer park with a few motels and stores)

-tourists from other parts of US and other countries driving classic muscle cars and lowriders and riding chopper bikes on Route 68

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