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Best Gang in GTA III?

Richard S

Recommended Posts

The columbian cartel.

I love their cars and i crack up everytime when they talk to me ,,senior dickhead, no problem to kill you, you big dumb yankee boy''.

And they got the most territories in the game which makes them to the most powerful gang.

During missions, they are always heated with ak47 and m16.


Yeah the Leones are just strong because they got shotguns, usuually the just carry pistols and i never had problems fighting them(for fun) before the mission ,,sayonara salvatore''.


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The Diablos had the best cars


The Leones had the best turf


The Southside Hoods had the best clothes







My vote goes to the Yardies.

Edited by universetwisters
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98 in 1

licky licky rudeboi


you in big trouble my youth


one love rastaman



The Yardies, despite King Courtney double crossing Claude. But eh, such is life in Liberty City.

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Leones by far. Well dressed, nice cars, they had an awesome leader too.

Would have loved to work for them all game.

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Lol no one has mentioned Triads till now. :D But I also don't like them. :p Btw I like all Gangs' Cars. They are upgraded and handles good. But my vote goes to.... Yakuza. Quite calm gang. Even through we killed their boss, they don't even know it and we have peace between us. :p

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Harerama Chakraborty

Here's the full rating of all gangs and their other things in my opinion


1. Colombian Cartel: 2.5/10 Cartel Cruiser: 6/10 Fort Staunton, Cedar Grove: 5/10


2. Triads: 4/10 Triad Fish Van: 5/10 Chinatown: 6.5


3. Leone Family Mafia: 10/10 Mafia Sentinel 9.5/10 Saint Mark's 9/10


4. Diablos: 5/10 Hepburn Heights: 4.5/10 Diablo Stallion: 7/10


5. $$ Hoods: Everything 8


6. Yakuza: All 9


7. Yardies: 6/10 Newport: 9/10 Yardie Lobo: 7.5/10

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The Byzantine Empire

Mafia Sentinels, black suits and classic music.


Also they are pure Italian Mafia... The real one. Leone's for sure.

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I love playing LCS to perform gang hits as Toni. That is not something you enjoy in GTA 3 though. St. Mark's is a no fly zone for Claude, the Leone's will rip you a new asshole or blow up your car within seconds.

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  • 10 months later...
The Ghost 206

I wish they would of gave the Diablos at least pistols...but the Colombians was running liberty city back in the days...if they wasn't gunning you down with the uzi's they were running you off the roads with those trucks

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Niko Montana

Leone Family. Even if they try to kill you with their overpowered shotguns whenever you happen to stroll into Saint Marks.

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Based on Vehicle Choices I'd go with the following;


Cartel Cruiser, Mafia Sentinel, and Yakuza Stinger. :)

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  • 2 years later...

I like:


Leone Familiy: Powerfull and dangerous gang, and good car


Yakuza Stinger: Good car and powerfull gang


Diablos: Good car


Southside Hoods: Numerous members of the gang and also powerfull.

Edited by HoriaGRomania
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I'm gonna list what I like and dislike about each gang, so not to be repetitive I will put first my favourite thing and second what I hate:

-Mafia: powerful weps, organitzation and classy cars. Too much black and italian mafias are commonly seen in GTA.

-Diablos: el Burro (lol it's hilarious), flame paintworks of cars. Cheap and weak band, only baseball bats and pistols.

-Triads: lmao their quotes and voices. Those trucks, not a suitable vehicle for a gang.

-Yardies: same as los Diablos but exchange paint by hydraulic suspension in cars.

-Cartel: Cruisers and heavy weps. They are morons.

-Yakuza: best gang car and even can be rated one of best vehicles, their elegance and the fact they not attack you, jez. Nothing special

-Hoods: fraternity and partnership, black bands have something special idk. Vans.


That's all.

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1. The Leone Family:They are probably the most powerful gang in the entire game after Sayonara Salvatore making it almost impossible to drive into Saint Mark's without getting blown up & wasted considering they carry Pump Action Shotgun's.


2. Colombian Cartel: After The Exchange they carry higher fire power like the AK-47.


3. The Diablos: They have the best vehicle's in any of the gang's in the game , but that is my opinion.

Edited by jaljax
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Evil empire

The columbian cartel for their weapons, vehicle and their ill-mannered adventurers look.

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1. Leones, they are well organized, successfully wipe out the Sindaccos, Forellis, Sicilian Mafia, they even have some turf in Venturas, but everything just fell apart because of that dumb chick Maria, Salvatore is better without Maria. And they got Toni Cipriani, who can bring chaos anytime he wants. And I'm still curious who will get the Leones leadership, Toni or Joey. They dressed well, and Toni treats her mother very well. Maybe after the events of gta 3, Leones split into two groups, between Toni and Joey.


2.Forellis, heck, they appeared(or at least mentioned) in most of all 3d gta games, they "had" Tommy Vercetti on their side, and have their influence in Vice City. Sonny is a good antagonist, he's like Michael Madsen's character Sonny Black from Donnie Brasco movie, and sometimes remind me of Sonny Corleone, short-tempered and supports drug trade business. In GTA San Andreas, the mission "Saint Mark Bistro" is really good and fun. Even though their fate isn't good, but Rockstar still makes me curious about Sonny's Cousin, Giorgio Forelli.


3. Cartel, they are powerful crime syndicate, and they must be connected with Cartels from their Country, they got overseas business, in the end of gta 3 events, they go all-out war with the Yakuza, and this is good event. And they are possibly connected to Varrio Los Aztecas, since Catalina and Cesar Vialpando are cousins. And it didn't surprise me, in GTA V, The Aztecas are more cartel-like than just bunch of street gangs.


4. Hoods, their story is epic, cartel's drug SPANK makes them split, and ended with melee gangwar, but it's really dissapointing, their leader D-Ice doesn't show up in the gangwar. In Manhunt 1, there is also a gang named Hoods, but they are racially different, and in Manhunt 2 there is a gang called Red Kings, dunno if this Red Kings(which is multi-racial gang) are connected with the Red Nines or not.


5. Diablos, maybe they have poor weapons, but their cars are cool. They got some porn industry as their business, and this could be linked to Steve Scott, the producer in Interglobal Studio from Vice City, which is also creating porn movies, and i also read in gtawikia if they are connected with Los Santos Vagos?. And maybe, just maybe, the Pervs from Manhunt 2 are selling Diablos's porn videos

Edited by bo.child
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Shogun Pacino

1. Yakuzas - they don't kill you after the story

2. Cartels - they got the best gang vehicle

3. Diablos - they got the best gangsta

4. $outh $ide Hoods - they got best name

5. Leones - got good weapons like shotguns and a noice vehicle.

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Evil empire

To develop a bit I also like the yakuza but their faces are very poorly designed, they look so desperate and neglected, it doesn't match at all their classy clothes and vehicles.


The Leones are class and look influent but their weaponry is badly thought, the shotguns aren't convenient given the long streets you find in Saint Mark's and left me bad memories.


The hoodz are also a great gang but such crappy vehicles with so good weapons make a too inconsistent mix.

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The Leones.


"I want it to rain mackerel. We're talking real biblical here, nothing low budget" - Cipriani, Toni.

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Jack Lupino

The Men in Black Agents aka the leones


the most badass gang in gta 3.


2nd favorite:

The Columbian Cartels

I like their funny lines and quotes


"Want a chainsaw gringo?"

"Aye you brave man ah?"

Edited by Jack Lupino
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  • 4 weeks later...
Tao Cheng

Leone Crime Family. Powerful Mafia with Shotguns, Black suits and atmosfere of their territory. We should be allied with Italians not Japanese.

Well I f*cking hate fat guidos who hang out at pizza parlors stuffing their fat faces all day and squeeze their fingers together when they're angry. I challenge you to finish paramedic mission level 12 post-Leone hostility. Besides Salvatore wants you dead over a girl.

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