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JDM Car Meet Starting in 5 Min (Xbox 360) ~ask for invite anytime~


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Numonic Car Meets Presents:

JDM CAR MEET (Japanese Cars)


Must have mic

no killing

only sport cars

keep cops away

must be in passive mode

stance cars away from group

Message us "INV" to get in!

Gamertag: joeynumonic

Gamertag: Im Grouch

Here is a nice one to start off

Here is mine for the night http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/2328/2roFIOX-mUKcLEe_JaTb0g/0_0.jpg

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Rocket Skates

I have a feeling someone is going to redirect you to another part of the forums.

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am krooked

Wrong forum, and btw, randomly posting a meet wont yield the best results.

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My bad guys, posted in the wrong section! Apologies!

You can just click "Report" and ask the mods to move it and they will without locking it so you don't have to make another one


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Looks like this one has been resolved.

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