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Role-play PS3 Community Paleto Five Gang


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The Paleto Five is a GTA 5 crew that role-plays as Gangsters rising through the ranks of a new Paleto based crew. This means our base of operations is in Paleto but we drive down to LS to make our scores.


We are a growing community that likes to roleplay in GTA. This means we act like if it was a real life simulator and our actions have consequences. We do all types of jobs (vehicle theft, drugs, store robberies, truck hijacking, train robberies,etc), anything you can think about in this wonderful GTAworld.


Everyone starts out with $50,000 dollars and one civilian car (stolen off the streets but role-play wise you will have had it before you joined the crew). You'll earn more as you do work and eventually will be able to buy bigger and better things such as sports cars and apartments. This adds a bit of a goal to the game and makes it so you actually have to earn your American dream.


We have European and American players at the moment but anyone is free to join.


Website: http://paletofive.iclanwebsites.com


Social club : http://es.socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/paleto_five


Or add me on PSN for more info : The-SpecialOne7

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