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Top races


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Jumpin' Jack Flash II

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The Commute

Long Haul 2

Grass Route

4way madness

Route 68

Power Trip

Weasel to Weasel

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One of them was Through the Grapevine, but can't find it any more.


Others are:

Monaco GP

Laguna Seca

Coupe Detat (Whatever it's called.)

Grand Senora Rally (Biased because it's my race)

Base to Base (Again biased because it's my race)

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Gran Feft Orto

Off the top of my head:


Greenwich Meantime

Grand Tour


Dipping In

Laguna Seca

4 Way Madness

Route 68

Chumash Drag Kings

Graveyard Shift

Down the Drain

and Grass Route cos it's the one race I often win.


There's also a good user created figure-8 type race in the dockyard. And the Demolition Derby race in Sandy Shores


All on sports class please - more variety, and many of the cars are highly competitive. Super Cars have become a bit predictable.

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My personal faves are Laguna Seca and Nurburgring. I love longer GP-style races. If I'm in content creator in always scouring the map for potential land routes for circuit racing.

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Oh, I raced you last evening!

Fun to see familiar people around heyaahr.




The best ones are the ones which is challenging, but very easy to grasp and not-confusing.

It's so difficult to crush noobs without dem tricky 90 degree turns.

Can't think of anyone I really, really like....

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