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Are racing World Records unbeatably low now?


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Each race should have multiple world records anyways...there's no way that a point-to-point, co-op (done properly), GTA race, a race with traffic on, etc. would all have the same world record times

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Someone did Grand Tour (which took my Elegy about 7 minutes) someone got a 2 minute record. WAT.


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better wait til a new batch of verified races get released...


i got my world record on the early days of gtao...


i did a race and got the world record with a time of 2:24... holded that record for like 2 hours, when to race again only to see that my record have been broken by a person that managed to do the race in a asskicking 28seconds!!!

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I got mine a couple months ago when the servers were acting goofy. All the times were blank, so any race would net you a World Record. Last night may a been a good chance to get a WR. I find it funny how Rockstar says it's so anti-cheat, yet they allow these obvious hacks to stay on top of the leaderboards.

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Kid SixXx

I would like to get the Racing Blonde tattoo but it will be a matter of luck and timing. There is no way that some of those road courses were done in thirty seconds.


There were a lot of comm errors last night with the cloud servers, so now may be the time to give it a go.

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Lol @ people thinking they got an actual world record on Day 1. Everyone who played that day got a world record. Or, rather, were told they did.


yep, i've gotten the world record message when I wasn't even first :S

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