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[QPIN] QP Initiative (Xbox 360)

QP Sizzle

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QP Sizzle

QP Initiative

From the Heavens we strike


We are a new, goal-oriented crew based on the Xbox 360 seeking to expand our ranks to make our presence know in the GTA Online community.

We are a loosely government-themed crew in which we expect members to follow.


We do have a few requirements to join, as well as a code of conduct we expect our members to abide by.



The requirements are as follows:



Applicants must be competent at all times. It is also expected that applicants show respect to fellow members. We understand that trash talk is sometimes inevitable online, but members should try their best to refrain from doing so.



All members must have a working headset with minimal defects (doesn't make inane noise, modulate voice, etc.). All members are expected to speak and understand fluent English.



All members are to be neat and conservative in appearance. All members are required to own and wear a suit at all times, unless specified otherwise. Face paint, makeup (on males), and masks are prohibited. Tattoos are allowed on and below the neck.


Crew Tag and Emblem

Members are required to wear the QPIN tag at all times unless engaging in activity at the individual level that would bring discredit upon the crew. Members are not required to wear clothing with the crew emblem.


Crew Vehicle and Color

All members are required to have a crew vehicle. This vehicle must be matte black in color with black rims that are conservative in nature. Custom tires are not allowed. The only allowed tire smoke colors are stock and black. Authorized crew vehicles are either an SUV (Granger, Patriot, Speedo, BeeJay XL, Landstalker, Gresley, Seminole) or 4-door sedan (Buffalo, Oracle, Exemplar, Washington, Schafter). This vehicle is required to have the crew emblem. If money is an issue, members will help to earn the necessary funds to acquire and upgrade the vehicle to crew standards.



It is preferred that members play at least once every 72 hours, however once every 7 days is the minimal required level of participation. We understand life gets in the way sometimes, whether it's vacation, work, or you even need a break; if you're going to be gone for more than 7 days, let someone know.




Our Code of Conduct is as follows:


Rules of Engagement

Do not attack others unless attacked upon first. Do not attack others unless they are intentionally harassing you or a crew member.

QPIN uses the force of presence - strength in numbers. The force of presence is the highest act of aggression to be exerted unprovoked, unless otherwise specified.



Listen to leadership. Be respectful toward others. Really doesn't need to be spelled out.


Rules of the Road

When acting in an official crew capacity or driving crew vehicles, drive defensively. This means no flooring it on every road, no drifting around turns, no weaving through traffic.


Acting Outside One's Power

At no time is a member to act outside their rank. This means no promising alliances, starting wars, etc. Anyone who wishes for such action must report it to their line leader to relay it up the Chain of Command or handle it, or handle it at the lowest level possible.



Members are expected to respect and obey their leadership. A member has the right to refuse if they believe that their leadership's commands are unreasonable and if they wish to report it to senior leadership. Regardless of rank, all members are to be treated with dignity and respect.


Responsibilities of Rank

As one climbs the ranks, they are trusted with additional responsibilities. Those responsibilities are described below.

  • Leader: Has the final say in all matters. Oversees the entirety of the crew and acts in it's best interests. Can overrule decisions made by Commissioners.
  • Commissioner: Acts on behalf of the Leader as a trusted, direct representative and is commonly seated on the Advisory Council. Has same powers as Leader and can overrule decisions made by Lieutenants.
  • Lieutenant: The backbone of the crew. Lieutenants resolve issues for Muscle and Representatives of the crew or pass them on to Commissioners when needed. Can overrule decisions made by Representatives.
  • Representative: Essentially a first line leader for when Muscle needs help. Does not have any major power, but requires experience and competence to lead Muscle.
  • Muscle: General populace of the crew. They are the face of the crew and are responsible for making the QPIN tag recognized.

QPIN adheres to it's hierarchic structure and members are expected to respect the powers delegated to them.




QPIN is unofficially headquartered in urban Los Santos, and has several outposts and bases established throughout LS and Blaine County. Details to come.




QPIN hosts events for those within our ranks. These events consist of but are not limited to: car meets, official meetings, manhunts, crew rides, and more!




QPIN is open to alliances that are dedicated and organized. We do not accept alliances with outlaw crews or those associated with criminal activity.



We are also looking for a graphic artist to help in creating a new emblem for the crew. Work will be rewarded.


If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM me. If you feel that your question is something others may share, please comment on this thread and I will answer here.

Thank you for looking at our crew, and see you in LS.

Edited by QP Sizzle
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