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[Xbox] 160th Infantry Private Roleplay Milsim


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[Recruitment - Open] [TDMs - Always Closed]

Check the date of the last post!! This clan is no longer active! The rest of Arc Roleplays is, however, and we're still the best roleplayers on GTA V!

Come to arc-roleplays.com



160th Infantry is a Military Simulation clan (Milsim) based in Grand Theft Auto: Online, starting as a branch of the FateRolePlays community in November 16, 2013. 160th Infantry operates similar to a real life U.S military, and expects the utmost respect and discipline from its members. We run private, player created TDMs where we host various military-based scenarios and operations. Be it attacking a Taliban hideout, destroying Russian fuel depots, or defending LA from a chinese invasion, 160th Infantry is operated by mature and experienced roleplayers.

5lp8x5.jpgWhile on duty, 160th Infantry leaves the casual, violent attitude of Grand Theft Auto at the door. In our dojo, you are expected to follow our rules.

  • Stay in character. If you're a soldier, act like it. If you're a civilian, run and hide under fire. So on and so forth.
  • Be professional. No trash-talk, spinning around, rude actions (jerk off, the bird, etc.) or tea-bagging. Act and look like you know what you’re doing.
  • Play fair and play like you're your character. You wouldn't be rolling, strafing, and spraying in real life. You also wouldn't abandon your team, or have a plethora of weapons in your pocket.
  • If you're a soldier, use teamwork. Stay with your team, and stick to what you've learned. Never go it alone, whether it’s for a kill or supplies, we are a team. Follow orders. If you can’t or won’t do what we tell you to do, well, there’s the door.
  • When out on your own remember you are representing the clan so act mature/act like we are watching you.
  • Use restraint with powerful equipment. Shoot your tank sparingly and fall back to repair/rearm. Take great pauses in between helicopter volleys and RPGs.



Guns, Cars, and Clothing

In 160th, you are expected to look and fight a certain way. You not only need a uniform from below, but also, you must limit your options in fighting in order to roleplay realistically. More details below:


  • Only glasses, canvas hats, and ear defenders may be worn on your head.
  • Shirts of similar color with a logo may also be worn, but you must cover the logo with armor.
  • No jackets.
  • No face paint or face tatoos.
  • No ridiculous haircuts.
  • Heavy Armor or the best looking armor you have.


Every Soldier of a first-world country must use weapons as such:

  • The carbine rifle, combat MG, or SMG are your primary weapons. You get one.
  • Your secondary is a combat pistol, unless you are designated another secondary.
  • Grenade launchers (11C) and grenades are strictly used for flushing, not in direct combat.
  • RPGs (11C) are for anti-armor and anti-air only.
  • Sticky bombs (A.K.A. C4) are never to be used unless needed during scenarios.
  • No tear gas. Soldiers shed no tears.
  • Sniper rifles are only to be used by members with the B4 ASI.
  • No miniguns (unless given permission on the Russian team).
  • Nothing may be shot or thrown from a moving vehicle but pistols. The exception to this is door gunning in a helicopter, where you may shoot anything.
  • By default, your Rule Of Engagement is to not fire unless fired upon.

Every terrorist of Al-Qaeda must use weapons as such if they wish to see their 72 virgins:

  • The assault rifle, MG, or micro-SMG is your primary. You get one.
  • Unless you are given permission to use an RPG, you have no secondary.
  • VIPs and high ranking Al-Qaeda members may use a pistol as their primary.
  • Spray and pray; you're not a trained soldier.
  • IEDs may be placed on vehicles if your leader allows it, but they should only be detonated if a soldier doesn't find it.
  • VBEDS (Vehicle Born Explosive Device, A.K.A Jihad jeeps) may only be used if the scenario allows it and you are given permission. Your leaders must make a reservation with Alla if you want to get to heaven.
  • Suicide bombing may occur if the scenario allows it and you are given permission. Be careful when practicing.

Every civilian with half a brain must act as such if they want to live to use the internet another day:

  • Keep the bird action at the ready. Whenever someone points a gun at you, put your hands up.
  • You won't always be in a firefight; if there is no battle, carry on with your life.
  • Don't run around screaming in a battle. Duck and cover like you would in real life.
  • You don't get a gun, there is no 2nd Amendment. You don't get a moment of courage and pick up a gun to fight back. You don't charge at the enemy and punch them. You run and hide.


A Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is your job in the 160th. MOS can vary greatly, and you should carefully consider which MOS suits not only where you want to be, but also your skills as a soldier. Upon completing Basic Combat Training, you will be 11B (Rifleman) by default. If you want to switch to another MOS, contact the General or Officer of the branch you would like to join, and follow his instructions.



InfantryTransportationAviation11A - Officer88A - Transportation General15A - Aviation General11B - Infantryman882A - Mobility Officer153A - Rotary Wing Pilot11C - Indirect Fire Infantryman88M - Motor Transport Operator153D - UH-60 Pilot25C - Radio Operator-Maintainer19B - Armor152C - OH-6 Pilot35D - All-Source Intel19D – Cavalry Scout152B - OH-58A/C Scout Pilot 154F - CH-47F Pilot[/table]

Additional Skill Identifiers (ASI) and Special Qualification Identifiers (SQI) Show your additional skills, training, and qualifications you may have. Having an ASI or SQI means you are good at lesser performed duties, and will make you a more viable candidate to carry them out. You may have these alongside your MOS, and will be given to you based on short tests or observations in battle.


O – No Special QualificationsB4 - SniperV5 – Military PoliceA1 – High Mobility Artillery Rocket SystemP – ParachutistR – Research and TestingX – Drill SergeantH – Instructor [/table]



O-5 (Col)ColonelO-4 (LtC)Lt. ColonelO-3 (Maj)MajorO-2 (Cpt)CaptainO-1 (Lt)LieutenantW-1 (WO1)Warrant OfficerE-8 (1Sgt)First SergeantE-7 (MSgt)Master SergeantE-6 (SSgt)Staff SergeantE-5 (Sgt)SergeantE-4 (Cpl)CorporalE-3 (Spc)SpecialistE-2 (PFC)Private First ClassE-1 (Pvt)Private[/table]



RankGamertagGTAF nameMOSASIColonelfertile01fertile0188AEverythingLt ColonelPSYCHOTICTANKERxXTHANATOSXx15AEverythingPrivateROFLMaCopter012ROFLMaCopter01211BOPrivateViharmadarViharmadar11BO[/table]


To join, contact fertile01 on xbox live or fill out this application:

GTA forums name:Gamertag:Age:Do you have a mic?:Timezone (In UTC):Why do you want to join?:Why should we accept you?:You think you're a big shot? Huh? Do ya?:


Website to the rest of Fate RolePlay: fateroleplays.weebly.com

Social Club

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if your interested in a merging of armies visit our website http://tiarnanoneill3.wix.com/sandyshoremarines

Started on the 25th of April? Bigger crews don't join smaller crews. I haven't said so, but we started in november, and we have much more members than I put here, since they don't all have a GTAF name. If you want to join us we can talk, I've been in clan business for 5 years, and I'm not the kind of guy that quits whenever I'm bored.

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My crew would f*ck you guys up

I'm not gonna say you would, not gonna say you wouldn't. We're roleplayers; we don't run in public freemodes because we host private tdms with scenarios. We don't fight clans; we roleplay.

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If you've never made an honest attempt at roleplaying in this game then you're not having fun. I guess roleplaying isn't for everyone.

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Izhevsk M44

Not when the cops ruin everything.


Roleplaying was much more prominent on GTA IV.


Besides, me and my friends were about to start roleplaying when we all had custom cop cars in our garages, but cockstar ruined that too..



MY CREW:http://gtaforums.com/topic/706160-the-infantrymen-grnt-recruitment/?do=findComment&comment=1065318788


"There are those who said this day would never come. What are they to say now?"

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That's why we do this in TDMs. 2 teams, each in their own active crew so they get on the same team.

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Sounds boring.

It actually allows us to be called a MILITARY SIMULATION because we simulate what real soldiers face with real MOS's and situations they face.

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Operation: Albatross is Sunday! If you want to join, come to the BCT (Basic Combat Training) before the Operation! (Which will likely be @ 7 pm EST).

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