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Mc emblem needed


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I want to put in a request for an mc patch. Here is what i want.

Font- i would prefer an olde english style

Word colors- black background with red words and red or white outline, (whatever looks best to outline the rockers) around the black background

Top rocker- Iron Cross

Bottom rocker- SandyShores

Left side- the 1%er diamond

Right side- the thing that says mc

Actual picture- something as close the pic with the engine behind the skull, i would prefer that one but if for some reason its not possible then i would like the one with the skull that has those cracks in his head.

Before simply making a picture could you contact me and i can invite you to my crew so it can make my job easier





I want an olden style english font for my lettering if that is possible. And if it isn too much i Would like a prospect patch as well. My xbox gt is H1CK R0SS and social club is hick_ross im on my phone so i will put in pics of what I'm looking for when i get to my computer. all look good but i would prefer something like the one with the engine, but if anyway possible i would like the flames white and the white outline on the cross could maybe be red??? Social club- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/ironcross_mc_gs


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